500 Miles in Texas

500 Miles in Texas

All work and no play makes the Driftwood Films team…sad.  Recently we were asked to film a wedding for some very close friends in Austin, Texas at the beautiful Cedar Bend Events venue; we took the time to explore the city and do what we do best…have a good time. Since we love what we do so much for “work” we documented our shenanigans on video and put together a fun film so that just like with a wedding film, we can look back at it for years to come and say “Oh my goodness, do you remember when we ________ on our first trip as a company in 2015?”. But unlike weddings, we’d probably also say “We should do that again!”

From the blues lounge in our hotel lobby, to riding the Jackalope on 6th Street, and trying Bratwurst for the first time at Banger’s we’ve got some of our favorites memories packed into this short film.  We hope you enjoy our 9-day adventure to “The Mainland“.

We drove over 500 miles in our first 24 hours there, but we love How I Met Your Mother. (It does totally come back around.)

And to clarify…we’re Japanese. 😉

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