When “Mahalo” Just Doesn’t Say Enough

One year.  It’s hard to believe that we’ve actually been in business now for a year.  It really seems like just yesterday that we discussed potential names for our new company, or sat down at the bank to sign our approved loan papers, or arrived to film our very first wedding.  But as 2015 nears a close, the reality becomes harder and harder to deny – Driftwood Films is one year old, and has done pretty darn well in that first year.  We’ve booked 26 weddings this year, traveled to Texas and California for two separate projects, and were fortunate enough to meet a lot of amazing couples and other wedding industry vendors.  But none of this would have been possible without the support of several very special people.  So on Tuesday, December 8th, we held a little party in honor of our friends who helped establish us, and make us what we are today.

To Kent and Darlene of Ohana Films – the trust that you placed in us to be the ones to capture your wedding day was really the spark that helped ignite it all.  It blew our minds that such amazingly talented individuals would look to us to forever preserve the memory of your special day, and the support and encouragement you gave us to move into the wedding cinematography field gave us the confidence needed to say to ourselves and believe that this could happen.

To Shane and Darren of Bliss Wedding Design & Spectacular Events – you boys have done so much for us over the last year, it would take a novel to recount it all!  But the opportunities you have given us to work with you and many of the industry’s best has made a huge impact on our business; in both quality and quantity.  It still excites us every time we’re fortunate enough to book with one of your couples, and we always look forward to the afterparty!

To Kim of Exclusive Island Weddings – you’ve been with us from before Driftwood Films was even a thought in our head, and one of the several voices who practically insisted that we make this happen!  We have worked with you on so many beautiful weddings this year, and are grateful to have many more already on the books for 2016!  You’ve been doing great things in your own business, and we’re just lucky that you’ve brought us along for the ride!

To James of Imaginazians Media – the transitional period from workforce to business owner is a tough one, and you were there to make the journey a lot easier for us, mentally and financially!  Thank you for all that you have done, and all that you continue to do for us and our growing business.  You’ve made a name for yourself in the wedding community, and you’ve been so generous to assist us whenever we need guidance or gear!

To Anna of Anna Kim Photography – we remember the first time that we got a lead that said “Anna Kim Photography recommended you”, we truly could not believe what we had just heard. You and your team are a powerhouse of creativity, top notch service, laughter, and fun. Your support and guidance for Driftwood Films has been pointed, unobjective, and most of all unwavering.  Here’s to many more years of elbows and Andaz birthdays!

To Rene and Tony of Photographics Maui – you’ve seen us grow in the cinematography business and were one of the largest supporters we had when we decided to start the company. Your encouragement was a teetering point for us deciding to pursue our dreams. Thank you for believing in us!

To John and Matthew of Island Partners Hawaii – you two have supported us from even before we picked up a video camera.  The confidence you had in us over the years to capture your spectacular creative events has definitely not gone unnoticed and we are so appreciative of all that we have been able to do together both as colleagues and more importantly as friends. Your guidance on all things business have provided us with a great perspective on everything we do, and we are forever thankful!

To Deni the Sister of the Dawn – there is no one that has been there longer for us than you, you saw Yukio struggle for years with “What am I doing with my life?!”. Your knowledge and connections to everything money, legal, and business were so instrumental in getting us going that we literally would not be here if it weren’t for you. You continue to be our sounding board for all major decisions, and being able to do so in the comfort of our own home in our pajamas really means so much to us.

We also owe a special thank you to Chef John Galvan of Private Chef Services of Maui and his entire staff for the amazing food and cocktails!  Your team did an amazing job keeping us well fed and liquored up through the night – thanks again for helping us make this night special for our guests!

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