Where it all begins…

Where it all begins…

When we started Driftwood Films, we knew weddings were going to be our primary focus (no pun intended).  But we also had a desire to be involved with one of the earliest and most amazing parts of a couple’s wedded bliss – the proposal.

It’s definitely an honor and a privilege to be responsible for preserving the memory of a couple’s special day.  It’s an intimate moment shared with the closest of family and friends as they write the next chapter in the story of their lives together, and for us to be trusted with such a task says a lot about the kind of trust that a bride and groom give to us.  But when we’re asked to capture the moment that starts them on this journey, there is so much that has to be done just right to ensure that the final product is truly representative of the intense emotion and pure elation felt upon hearing a simple three letter word.

Sam has been one of Dawn’s closest friends for a long time, so when he knew that he wanted to propose to Marisol, it wasn’t even a question of whether or not he would capture the memory in photo and video.  It only became one of how.

With some careful planning, it all came together.  A small family trip back home to Maui became a great way to have all of Sam’s loved ones close by to celebrate the new engagement, and a reason for us to be present with our gear – a family reunion of sorts.

Once everyone was present at their family home and we were ready with our equipment, Sam led Marisol out to his favorite childhood spot to pop the question.  Which was met with a resounding “yes!”

Congratulations, Sam and Marisol!  We couldn’t be happier for the two of you, or more honored to have been able to share in this joyous occasion!

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